Watch Ronald Defeo, Arthur Shawcross, Michael Ross and many more as they tell their story from Death Row in a series of chilling face to face interviews.

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The Serial Killers is a fascinating and shocking series of documentaries of the most notorious murderers of our time.

Infamous serial killers such as Kenneth Bianchi, Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas give chilling first hand accounts of their brutal crimes.

The programmes also examines the sadistic exploits of lesser-known murderers whose crimes are just as terrifying and bizarre.

Filmed at correctional facilities across the US the one to one interviews provide a unique opportunity to hear convicted killers give their side of often perverse stories.

Interviews with family members, friends and members of the law enforcement agencies ensure balance.

Whether you are a professional psychologist, a student of psychology, a criminologist or someone with a general interest in the subject this series is for you.

William Heirens
Douglas Clark
Catherine Wood
Gwendolyn Graham
Michael Ross
Arthur Shawcross
Ronald DeFeo
Henry Lee Lucas
Keneth Bianchi
Ted Bundy
Harvey Carignan
James Paul
Kenneth McDuff

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“"If you can get beyond how guilty you feel being so fascinated, this is riveting material."



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