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Mass murderer Ronnie DeFeo talks to us from the Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, New York and recounts his memory of the frightful events of November 13, 1974, when he shot dead his mother, father and four brothers and sisters. He was convicted on six counts of second degree murder and is serving 6 consecutive 25 year sentences.

Contradictions abound:

“We were really a close family, you know. It’s a shame what happened, but it happened”

“Dawn had grabbed the rifle and I took the rifle away from her and we got in a wrestling match …. and she was flat on the bed trying to get up and I shot her I thought I had shot her in the neck but I had shot her in the head …..”

Watch this gripping episode and decide for yourself whether his plea of insanity should have been accepted and explore the unanswered questions – how could all of the victims have slept through the noise of the shots? Was there an accomplice? What was the motive?



Ronald Joseph DeFeo, Jr.


September 26 1951


Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, NY




November 13 1974


6 life sentences to run consecutively

Mug shot

on arrest


Ronald Defeo Jr
“The Amityville Horror”