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Catherine May Wood and Gwendolyn Graham
“The Lethal Lovers”

It started with sexual games and ended in tragedy with at least five elderly women dead. Graham and Wood were lovers working together in a nursing home in Grand Rapids, Michigan and at the time both women bragged about having smothered six people. Eventually Wood's ex-husband told the police. and now each blames the other for the murders of their patients.

Wood plea-bargained her way to a reduced sentence of twenty to forty years in prison whilst Graham was sentenced to 6 counts of life without parole. So Cathy Wood was first eligible for parole on 2005 whilst Gwen Graham will never see the outside world again.

Decide for yourself whether either Wood's or Graham's claims are credible and perhaps question the fairness of the sentences handed down.

The interviews are gripping and more revealing than either womon might have wanted.



Catherine May Wood

Gwendolyn Graham


Wood:    July 3, 1962

Graham: August 6, 1963




January 1987 and

February 1987


Wood:      20 - 40 Years

Graham:  Life


on arrest